About Us

Our Roots

Brew Muse started out as an idea for an informational website. There was a ton of useful and interesting info about beer, coffee, and wine on the web. The problem was it was scattered all over the place, conflicting, full of lofty opinions, and sometimes lacked design. My vision was to organize it all in one place, filtering out opinions, and adding beautiful art and design. The Brew Muse informational site now has almost 400 pages and is still expanding.

Our Expansion

After a couple years of organizing and writing content, I had a brainwave that led to the next Brew Muse pursuit: a new product design for beer called Beer Stones. See the Beer Stones Collection.

The Brew Muse Name

In Greek mythology, Muses are goddesses whom are the source of knowledge and inspire the creation of literature, science, and art. They're depicted as beautiful women wearing robes and carrying attributes of knowledge. These amazing figures match my intentions well: to be the source of knowledge for beer, coffee, and wine; to present knowledge as literature, art, and science; and to create and inspire.

The ancient Greeks believed that human life was short. In order to have a perfect life, one must actively pursue happiness through virtues. Plato believed the virtues that led to happiness were courage, moderation, piety, wisdom, and justice. Socrates believed the most important one was wisdom, but not just seeking wisdom, loving wisdom. By loving wisdom, all other virtues followed, as did true happiness - the purpose of life.

So explore the world of beer, coffee, and wine. Love wisdom, be happy, and leave snobbery behind.

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